How do you efficiently gather, transport, process and return white blood cells to deliver a cutting edge cancer therapy?

How much food could every 100 hectare square of Africa realistically produce, accounting for land, economic, government and social conditions?

What are the economics of moving dirt to and from major construction sites?

In a portfolio of six million mortgages, which will be paid and which will default?

What is the realistic timeline for driverless cars and who will be the winners and losers?

How does smartphone use impact the market for wristwatches?

What does a school need to do to keep alumni more engaged?

When you swipe a credit card, how does the money and information flow?

What drives growth in the aircraft interiors business?

our approach


First and foremost, our priority is to always do what’s right. That extends to finding the right answer for our clients every time – even when questions change along the way. We achieve this with analysis that cuts directly to the core issues.


Our answers are grounded in reality. We make recommendations based on solid reasoning and extensive research, and we tailor them to ensure that our clients can actually use them.


We recognize the need for not only powerful, actionable solutions but also for quick, responsive ones. We routinely meet tighter timelines than other consulting firms and our client-centered approach enables us to work with changing priorities and not miss a beat.

OUR expertise

Lake Partners boasts a team of consultants who are expert problem solvers with broad-based experience across industries, business functions, and client needs. In particular, we specialize in the following:

Customer Segmentation

Know your customer

A successful segmentation and targeting strategy does three things: prioritizes your best customers, uncovers how and why they make purchasing decisions, and helps you find them efficiently.

These are not easy tasks. Simple rules like industry classification or company size are convenient for mailing lists, but they rarely represent true market segments. Customer behaviors and motivations can be subtle and complex.

Lake Partners has a wealth of experience gathering and analyzing primary customer data. The segmentation and targeting strategies we develop will shape your products, your priorities, your sales tactics, and most importantly your bottom line.


Economic Modeling and Tools

Be credible. Be flexible.

Nearly every strategy, decision and sale is rooted in the economics. Companies must understand their customers' and suppliers' economics as well as they understand their own.

Economic tools must be credible enough to withstand client scrutiny and flexible enough to adapt to rapidly changing markets. Our analysis and tools are used in a wide range of opportunities, including:

• Sales tools to demonstrate customer ROI
• Business plan development
• Offer and pricing strategies

Lake Partners combines real-world data with a deep understanding of how complex businesses and processes operate. The tools we create range from simple spreadsheets to comprehensive, polished applications. They are credible, flexible and generate results.

Sales Messaging and Tactics

“Yes, that's exactly what I need”

What do you say to a customer to elicit this kind of response? The very best sales people have a natural feel for it, but most need guidance. We have seen three common issues that inhibit sales success:

•  Marketing-Sales Gap: Product and Marketing strategies are handed off to sales, but are not translated into specific sales rules and scripts.

•  "See What Sticks": Often camouflaged as "consultative selling" where issues are lobbed randomly at prospects who are quickly overwhelmed. Avoid this mistake using structured logic to quickly classify the customer, apply the highest odds pitch and address the likely objections.

•  Vague Training: Training usually focuses on strategies and work habits, not drilling questions and responses into mental muscle memory.

Lake Partners has the distinctive ability to blend strategic expertise with real-life sales experience. We create sales messages and tactics that work.


Investing Research and Analysis

The business behind the numbers

A solid understanding of business fundamentals is an integral part of any successful investor's strategy.

To provide our clients with the perspective they need to evaluate an opportunity, we do primary research to identify key business issues and market conditions. We delve into the details of an industry, figure out how a business works, and call on our experience to recognize recurring patterns and situations.

Lake Partners combines extensive experience in operations, sales and marketing with our clients' investment expertise to provide them with background, insight and confidence in making investment decisions.


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