Charles "Chip" Hellar


Former Partner

Year Started: 2002
Undergraduate Program: Harvard (cum laude), Political Science and Economics

Partner at Lake 2002-2024

Charles graduated cum laude from Harvard College, with a concentration in political science and economics. Prior to joining Lake Partners in 2002, Charles was a member of the executive team at BDC Financial, a start-up in the private equity space which was later acquired by Bear Stearns. Before BDC, Charles was a Principal at Treacy and Company, a consulting and venture capital firm in Boston, MA.

A diverse background and exceptional analytical strengths make Charles not only an esteemed Partner at the firm – but more importantly, a powerful ally for our clients. He has direct experience in a number of industries including high tech, financial services, biotech and healthcare focusing on sales, marketing and operational improvements. Through this ongoing work, Charles has developed a particular expertise in financial and simulation modeling as well as investment research and analysis.

After 21 years at Lake Partners, Chip is now managing an investment firm in New York.



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