Year Started: 2018
Undergraduate Program: University of Chicago, History, Mathematics

How do you spend your free time? 
Lake Partners has allowed me to remain connected with both my interests and my community. On weekends, you will likely find me running on the many mountain trails within an short drive of Seattle. I ran cross country in college and have enjoyed training for ultra-marathons. Additionally, I volunteer at a local shelter to help families find jobs and affordable housing.

What makes Lake Partners different?
I believe that Lake Partners’ small size is a benefit to our employees and clients. New hires integrate quickly into firm culture and learn directly from partners—everyone is a valued member of the team. For clients, our small size allows us to organize projects efficiently and deliver strong answers when they are needed.

After studying in another field, what attracted you to Lake Partners?
Over the years I have cultivated a diverse educational and professional background. During college I majored in history, minored in math, and worked as a software engineering intern. Upon graduation, I struggled to find a career where I could leverage all of these skills. However, I soon realized that the common thread throughout my experience was the synthesis of research into an effective argument. At Lake Partners we do just that---making it the perfect place for multidisciplinary grads like myself.


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