Year Started: 2016
Undergraduate Program: Yale University, Political Science 

What is the best thing about working as a strategy consultant?
Project ownership. Lake Partners trusts each analyst to operate independently to solve problems and effectively communicate the answer to our clients. There is no boundary for professional development based on age or tenure like there is at larger firms. If you can prove that you can handle more responsibility, they’ll give it to you.  

What is your favorite office tradition? 
Hard to pick just one, but the annual ski trip is a blast! Close seconds are the Spring event on Lake Washington and general office antics—mariachi bands, archery tag, curling, costume contests, and air hockey to name a few.

How do you spend your free time? 
In the winter: skiing, reading, trying out new bars and restaurants, or listening to live music. In the summer: boating, working out, rec league sports, and hanging out on rooftops.

What makes Lake Partners different?
The partners truly care about your development, personal well-being, and long-term goals. If your ultimate goal is to manage a nonprofit, they want to help you build the skills to be successful. I’ve even seen our founding partner help a former employee negotiate the terms of their next job!


After studying in another field, what attracted you to Lake Partners?
Everyone here views education as a lifelong pursuit. They’re naturally curious, academically diverse, and genuinely interested in understanding the issues, processes, and industry dynamics affecting our clients.   

What do you enjoy most about the projects at Lake Partners?
They’re short! We pride ourselves on getting the right answer fast, and analysts learn how to gain deep subject-matter understanding while still being as efficient as possible.

What skills have you gained at Lake Partners? 
Structured thinking, time management, and communicating with precision.


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