Year Started: 2005
Undergraduate Program: Amherst College, Psychology, English
Hometown: Seattle, WA


What do you like about working at the firm? 
The variety. We're fortunate to enjoy a lot of diversity in our projects. Our clients span a wide range of industries. Instead of locking into a particular niche, you get exposed to different business challenges. You start to see parallels and make connections that are hard to make if you're in a more specialized role. And you know that every project you work on will be different, and you'll get a chance to learn something new every time out.

What skills have you gained at Lake Partners? 
Analytical problem solving and communication. We have a very concise, structured approach to problems and to delivering the answer. It can take a few reps to fully grasp the process but as it starts to kick in you start to appreciate how much easier it is to make good decisions and be more productive.

What's different about working here than anywhere else? 
We have the culture of a small firm but the reach of a larger one. I spent some years in the Fortune 500 and that experience makes me appreciate Lake more. We're still small enough that everyone supports and looks out for one another, even when you're working in parallel. There aren't barriers to management; if you see something we can do better, you can walk down the hall and lay out your case. If it makes sense, we'll change it that day.


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