Former Associate

After departing Lake Partners in 2018, Alexander joined the executive team at Pure Watercraft, a Seattle-based startup that develops high-performance, electric outboard motors for boats. At Pure, his responsibilities include fundraising, finance, customer development, and business strategy.

During his five years at Lake Partners, Alexander developed a suite of market research, financial analysis, and communication skills he uses on a daily basis today. He is particularly grateful for the opportunity to write a business plan for an agricultural institute in Africa, which required consulting numerous public and private sector stakeholders on both sides of the Atlantic. Sadly, his mental math skills remained tragically deficient.

Prior to returning to his hometown and joining Lake Partners, Alexander graduated with honors from Yale College (BA, Humanities) where he managed and performed with the Yale Whiffenpoofs. Lacking any formal business, financial, or analytical training, he was attracted to Lake because of the many opportunities to learn from intelligent, driven colleagues in a collegial, fun-loving environment.

When he isn't devising ways to disrupt the global boating industry, Alexander enjoys singing with Puget Sound Company, snow sports, and traveling with family and friends.


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