After working with Lake Partners for 5 years, Mike joined the founding team at Wetpaint, a startup that has become one of the largest online entertainment news networks and social media analytics platforms. In 2014, Mike became CEO of Dolly, a peer-to-peer app-based moving and delivery service that connects people with a large item to move with vetted Helpers who have a truck available nearby. Dolly has raised nearly $10 million in Seed and Series A round funding in its first year.

While at Lake Partners, Michael developed a strong understanding of the fundamentals with which businesses operate, gaining extensive experience in developing sales strategies, product positioning, staffing models, and operation improvements. He learned how to model those fundamentals, drive from data to key business insights and develop analysis into actionable sets of recommendations.

Prior to joining Lake Partners, Michael graduated with honors from the London School of Economics. He came to Lake Partners because he thought that the people were great, the work seemed fun and relevant and the values of the management team aligned with his own: working hard, having fun, being rewarded for success and giving back to the community.

Outside of work, Michael likes to travel, cook, spend time outdoors, covet unaffordable classic European cars, tinker around the house and spend time with his family.


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