Our WorkPhoto copyright (©) 2008 Ben Bardill
What We Do

We dig for data

We know the price of any pharmaceutical drug sold over the last two years. We can tell you the price and mileage on every used delivery truck sold each week.

We talk to people

We call people and use online surveys to figure out how and why people buy things, from health care plans to theater tickets to hearing aids to dirt.

We do research

We know what drives the price of a tomato in Manhattan. We know where obscure car parts are manufactured in China.

We build models

We simulated the logistics network needed to transport patients’ white blood cells from one side of the country to the other. We accurately projected bond valuations based on data from five million mortgages.

We analyze problems

We figured out where to open luxury product stores combining customer demographics and geographic clustering. We predicted how many textbooks would be sold by examining consumer behavior and market conditions.

We give our clients tools they can use

We designed sales tactics for medical imaging equipment. We helped investment firms implement sustainable operational models.