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Lake Partners employees are an eclectic and social group. We thrive at the intersection of creative and analytical. We hail from a variety of geographical and educational backgrounds, but share an affinity for problem-solving and Friday afternoon poker. Our interests outside of the office are as diverse as our backgrounds. This enhances our exchange of ideas and makes life in the office an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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    Year Started: 2013
    Undergraduate Program: Yale College, Humanities
    Hometown: Bellevue, Washington

    What is the best thing about working as a strategy consultant?
    I love the exposure we get to myriad industries, companies, and business problems as strategy consultants. With every new case, we have the opportunity to expand our understanding of the world, whether we're clarifying long-held assumptions on global pharmaceutical operations or doing a deep dive on the ways auto repair shops sell air filters in Kentucky. As professional problem solvers, there is never a shortage of questions nor lack of answers to be discovered.

    What is your favorite office tradition?
    Lake Partners' office traditions were a huge selling point as I was looking at different employers, so settling on a favorite is tough (disclosure: as the firm's reigning fantasy football champion, I'm struggling to remain partisan). Our spring event is a highlight, as it normally involves an activity that forces us out of our comfort zones (e.g., go-karting, paintballing, singing karaoke, etc.). I'm also a staunch supporter of our semi-weekly morning meetings which have featured the following (with varying degrees of frequency and in no particular order): doughnuts, gavels, a magician, coffee, mariachi bands, and '80s movie quotes.

    How do you spend your free time?
    Outside of work, I perform with two local choirs- quite convenient given our office's proximity to Benaroya Hall. I enjoy sampling Seattle's vibrant restaurant & brewery scene. Additionally, I try to take full advantage of the Seattle landscape and the activities it enables year-round: I love skiing or boarding (on snow or water), am an avid runner, and have been known to try my luck on the golf course from time to time.

    Year Started: 2005
    Undergraduate Program: Amherst College, Psychology, English
    Hometown: Seattle, Washington

    What do you like about working at the firm?
    The variety. We're fortunate to enjoy a lot of diversity in our projects. Our clients span a wide range of industries. Instead of locking into a particular niche, you get exposed to different business challenges. You start to see parallels and make connections that are hard to make if you're in a more specialized role. And you know that every project you work on will be different, and you'll get a chance to learn something new every time out.

    What skills have you gained at Lake Partners?
    Analytical problem solving and communication. We have a very concise, structured approach to problems and to delivering the answer. It can take a few reps to fully grasp the process but as it starts to kick in you start to appreciate how much easier it is to make good decisions and be more productive.

    What's different about working here than anywhere else?
    We have the culture of a small firm but the reach of a larger one. I spent some years in the Fortune 500 and that experience makes me appreciate Lake more. We're still small enough that everyone supports and looks out for one another, even when you're working in parallel. There aren't barriers to management; if you see something we can do better, you can walk down the hall and lay out your case. If it makes sense, we'll change it that day.

    Year Started: 2016
    Undergraduate Program: Pomona College, Mathematics, Visual Art
    Hometown: Woodinville, WA

    After studying in another field, what attracted you to Lake Partners?
    After studying mathematics as an undergraduate, I was looking to apply the critical thinking skills I had learned in a new environment. I wanted to continue building on what I had studied, yet move in a new direction. Lake Partners offered the chance for me to solve real-world problems in lieu of those arising from abstract principles. As I learn here, I continue to augment my underlying mathematics background with new tools to answer questions particular to strategy consulting, and this in turn grows my analytical capabilities. I was attracted to Lake because I saw this firm as a chance to apply what I knew, and to continue learning; it has indeed proved to offer just such options.

    What makes Lake Partners different?
    Lake Partners is based on integrity. This underlying foundation enables trust between analysts and managers. Our culture welcomes discussion and open communication, which drive both improved client results and enable ongoing personalized training for each analyst. At Lake, analysts can grow quickly. We have the opportunity to improve useful skills each day, from communication to project planning to analytical thinking. Lake's environment is built to support employees; I can trust each of my coworkers and managers to look out for me, and I them.

    What do you enjoy most about the projects at Lake Partners?
    Projects can feel like a whirlwind initially; you are thrown into a problem headfirst, and it is your job to solve it. Lake's projects challenge me to absorb information rapidly, draw correct conclusions from imperfect data, and pick up quickly on emerging patterns to discover an underlying answer. For all this, an analyst at Lake Partners is never alone. We work with our managers and coworkers every step of the way, checking in to understand assumptions and reasoning - helping to drive each other toward the answer. Our projects span industries, each offering the opportunity to learn about a new market, a new problem- from healthcare to tax policy. Even as a new analyst, I can see the effects of my work on client decisions across various industries. Few other places exist where a young person can see that level of impact.