Why Lake Partners?

We are a growing company with an entrepreneurial spirit offering competitive compensation, exceptional benefits, and an environment of highly engaging professional development and fun. We invest in our employees and offer challenging and rewarding career paths. So why should you consider joining Lake Partners?

Because you’ll learn a lot, and fast

Lake Partners presents a great opportunity to learn a lot, quickly. Our projects are swift and challenging. We are exposed to a range of industries and issues on a regular basis, and we are constantly pushed to bring our analysis to the next level. Here, you will develop a keen ability for problem solving that will serve you well in every arena.

Because you’ll make an impact

We are a boutique consulting firm with fewer than 20 employees, which creates significant opportunities for independence. At Lake Partners, you will take on serious responsibility and be rewarded with merit-based progression and compensation.

Because you’ll enjoy working with us

Lake Partners believes that work-life balance is important. We have regular working hours and minimal travel. We also enjoy spending time together as a firm, and engage in multiple firm events each year. Past activities have included go-kart racing, costume bowling, and an Iron Chef competition. We are also very involved in the community in Seattle.